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Salsa Dancing-partner: Help

You can find your dance partner with our WEB-site. This page explains how the dancing partner search is working.

Here the meaning of the menu items (above):

Current Here you see the entries from the last weeks. You can answer to one entry or you can watch answers.

New entry You can create a new entry here. Nobody will see your eMail-address! If someone wants to answer: He has to enter his answer in a WEB-form of our site. The answer will delivered by eMail to you. You will get a confirmation email for a new entry. This email is important if you want to edit or delete your entry.

Search You can search for entries with search criterias like Age, Level etc.

Edit / Remove You can edit or delete your entry here. You need the edit-Id, your eMail-address and your lastname to delete your entry. You got these datas in the confirmation eMail.

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