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Salsa Charts June 2021 - actual Salsa hits

You see here the actual Salsa Charts June 2021 with all the Salsa hits from the Salsa clubs presented by DJ Michael -El Rumbero-. He is well known in Germany as Salsa DJ since 1997.


1.) Noches De Rumba
Artist: Santiago All Stars (Chile)
From the CD: Siempre Sabroso (2021)
Change from previous month: + 1
2.) Por Ti No Moriré
Artist: Jose Alberto -El Canario- (U.S.A.)
From the CD: En Barranquilla Me Quedo (Homenaje a Joe Arroyo) (2021)
Change from previous month: + 1
3.) El Combo del Mundo
Artist: El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)
From the CD: En Cuarentena (2021)
Change from previous month: - 2
4.) Hacer una Canción
Artist: Bamboleo (Cuba)
From the CD: Al Son del Caballero (2021)
Change from previous month: new
5.) El Mundo Al Revés
Artist: Tromboranga (Spain)
From the CD: Salsa Terapia (2020)
Change from previous month: - 1
6.) No Puedo Vivir Sin Tus Besos
Artist: Eliacim
From the CD: Single (2021)
Change from previous month: - 1
7.) ¿Qué Pasa en el Barrio?
Artist: Ray Callao (Peru)
From the CD: Macumba (2021)
Change from previous month: +/-0
8.) Sonerito
Artist: Gilberto Santa Rosa (Puerto Rico)
From the CD: Colegas (2020)
Change from previous month: +/-0
9.) Quien No Ha Dicho una Mentira
Artist: Los Van Van (Cuba)
From the CD: Mi Songo (Edición 50 Aniversario) (2021)
Change from previous month: +/-0

Salsa CD's

1.) Salsaterapia Tromboranga +/-0
2.) Siempre Sabroso Santiago All Stars +/-0
3.) Al Son Del Caballero Sampler new
4.) En Curentena El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico - 1
  (Puerto Rico)
5.) En Barranquilla Me Quedo (Homenaje A Joe Arroyo) Sampler - 1
6.) Mi Songo Los Van Van - 1
7.) Back To The Great Sound Calle Maestra - 1
  (Puerto Rico)
8.) Salswing Ruben Blades - 1
9.) Macumba Ray Callao - 1
10.) Colegas Gilberto Santa Rosa - 1
  (Puerto Rico)

Merengue / Bachata

1.) Mathe Mou (Remastered 2021) Mr. Bachata +/-0
  From the CD: Ela Sti Thesi Mou (2021) (Greece)
2.) Weekend (Ft. Daniel Santacruz, Lirow) Henry Santos new
  From the CD: Friends & Legends (2021) (U.S.A.)
3.) La Tortolita Andrw John +/-0
  From the CD: Single (2021) (Dominican Republic)
4.) The Star Bridge (Bachata 2021) Pau Viguer + 1
  From the CD: Single (2021) (Spain)
5.) Perfect (Violin Bachata Version) DJ Tronky new
  From the CD: Perfect Mistake (2021) (Italy)

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